Leaders and Learning LLC provides learning and development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.  We recommend this process to build or enhance leadership and team skills and behaviors at all levels:

  • Conduct an organizational analysis in collaboration with your management team and Human Resources’ professionals.  An analysis includes review of cultural, customer service and industry risk ratings; management complaints and litigation data; and metrics for turnover, internal mobility, key talent retention and development.  
  • Clarify your “desired state” objectives and timeline
  • Design a leadership development strategy to achieve your objectives, or strengthen the existing strategy and practices
  • Implement and measure the success of the new or enhanced strategy and practices, including manager change leadership effectiveness and impact on employee engagement
  • Adjust or update learning as needed

We can help you to diagnose individual leader performance gaps, identify actions to close the gaps, and improve behaviors and performance results.  Typically, we do this by working with your leaders to:

  • Conduct relevant assessments, such as EIQ, behavioral style profile, StrengthsFinder
  • Prioritize the most critical skill gaps to close
  • Plan and implement needed actions to close skill gaps
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